About Burla


Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 April 2011 01:45

Burla Town is small but a modern town in Odisha located at 15KMs. away from Sambalpur. It is a hub of Health Services as well as education in Western Orissa as VSS Medical College

Besides being the Hub of Health and eduction, it is also a tourist spot. The main tourist attraction being the Hirakud Dam (the largest earthen dam in world


and the Right Dyke stretches for more than 11 km along Mahanadi. Forests stretch all along the dyke and during the winter months they provide good locations for picnics and nature lovers.apart from this there is debrigarh wild life santuary which has now govt.guest house you can now stay at night and you sure will remember the experience rest of your life its amazing.and in winter if you are not in chilka for the siberians you can come here.


The VSS Medical College Hospital and Medical college is the primary driving force in making burla a health hub of Western Orissa.

The VSS Medical College, University College of Engineering, Sambalpur University makes burla a education hub.

The Hirakud Dam and the right Dyke of Hirakud Dam makes it a very great tourist attraction.

The other main feature of Burla is that it is also the Head Quarter of Mahanadi Coal Fields Ltd.

All this combined make a Burla a very important place in the map of Western Orissa.