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Gupta Diagnostic



Last Updated on Friday, 24 June 2011 02:12



Welcome to the Gupta Diagnostic Clinic, Burla, Sambalpur. For the first time in Western Orissa  you and your family can have access to specialist diagnostic facilities that until now, have only been available at a large hospitals and quite a distance away in bigger cities, which resulted in delay in treatment.

The Gupta Diagnostic Centre  provide a full range of diagnostic services.

We have state of the art technology available to help your doctors make a fast diagnosis and to begin your treatment as quickly as possible.


Our Mission


Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 April 2011 01:48

The importance of correct diagnosis can never be over emphasised in the modern day medical science. Keeping in view that all medical treatement begins with the proper diagnosis of the disease. And getting proper diagnosis for different health symptoms needs infrastructure of Qualified Medical Professionals, Technicians, Hi-tech Medical equipments to facilitate reliable diagnosis on which the treatment can be based.



About Burla


Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 April 2011 01:45

Burla Town is small but a modern town in Odisha located at 15KMs. away from Sambalpur. It is a hub of Health Services as well as education in Western Orissa as VSS Medical College

Besides being the Hub of Health and eduction, it is also a tourist spot. The main tourist attraction being the Hirakud Dam (the largest earthen dam in world



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